About Us

In my family, it was often a RHYME

Written to celebrate a very happy TIME

To keep the spirit, I will give it a TRY

To tell you about ROCS CHOCS the who, what & WHY

Family parties with homemade goodies and FRILLS

My Mom taught me and my sister the SKILLS

I grew up in the burbs of Washington, DC

Off to University of Maryland I got my DEGREE

Moved to New York to pursue a career and DREAM

Planned fundraising events and managed a nonprofit TEAM

To thank volunteers for their work and kind HEART

Made chocolate treats and that gave me my START

Next was corporate philanthropy and gave funds AWAY

I still made goodies for a special DAY

Birthdays, new babies, weddings and every H-O-L-I-D-A-Y

Rocs Chocs were created each and every WAY

They are available to everyone NOW

Enjoy and please spread the WOW